Rental Management

After several years’ experience in successfully managing a growing portfolio of rental garages, we have now expanded to offer a management service for lock-up garage owners

The demand for storage space has never been higher; from furniture, to car storage, to small businesses needing space for stock. Many modern homes simply do not have the space to fit our lifestyles. To meet this demand, and considering the high cost of ‘self-storage’ facilities, many people are choosing garage storage as a cost-effective option

Your garage has potential to earn good returns. In many cases this is tax-free income. The first £1000 per annum from property rental is not subject to UK taxation (

Places To Store simply pay you a lump sum upfront covering the 3yr+ rental term of your garage

We take care of the advertising, rental agreements, tenants, admin, key handovers, arranging maintenance….

The benefits:

  • A lump sum income from your empty lock-up garage
  • There are no additional charges for arranging maintenance, drawing up rental agreements, advertising, accompanying viewings or performing key handovers
  • You no longer have to worry about chasing unpaid rents, or have a garage staying empty
  • We have an excellent team of contractors who cover roof & door repairs/replacements to rubbish clearance – your garage will be in great hands!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Great, I have an empty garage. What do I do next?
  • A. Simply go to the Contact Us page and fill out your details. Alternatively you can email us at providing your contact details & garage location
  • Q. How quickly can you make an offer and send payment for my garage
  • A. Usually within 7 days. We will need to check your garage to see if any maintenance is required. We will also need to carry out an ownership check to ensure you legally own the garage.
  • Q. What if I need to end the agreement early?
  • A. We can do this in certain circumstances – ie: if you’re selling the garage. The ‘cancellation policy’ will be written into the initial contract
  • Q. Why do I need this service, as I could rent the out garage myself?
  • A. That’s true. Yes you can rent it out yourself possibly for a higher overall return. However that does come with potential drawbacks: you need to arrange paperwork & advertising to rent out, you may not have it continuously occupied, you may have trouble with non-paying renters, you may need to chase each month for rent & it may not be possible to find good quality tradespeople to look after your garage

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